About MobileBD Israel

Mobile BD Israel is the leading importer of cellular devices in Israel.


Why leading? Because we don't just import these devices, we understand them, and love the innovative and versatile world of cellular and the possibilities it offers to consumers.


We import the most advanced cellular devices in the world, supplying our customers with a variety of services, including cutting-edge laboratory services and comprehensive guarantee.


Mobile BD Israel's devices are marketed in more than 1,000 outlets and networks nationwide.


We are proud of the high-standard service we provide, setting a shining example in the cellular market.


We believe that behind every cellular device, must be a responsible and professional importer, who can ensure the calm and confidence of the consumers.


The world of cellular is a complex one, and you must be a true professional to really understand it.


Mobile BD Global has imported and marketed cellular devices in dozens of countries worldwide for over 15 years.


With our skilled and professional teams around the globe, we locate the most advanced devices at the most attractive prices, which we then market to millions of satisfied customers everywhere.


Built-up over the years, our knowhow and professionalism have turned us into experts in our field, providing consumers around the world and in Israel with a variety of cost-effective devices and promise the confidence that comes from an international standard of service and guarantee.